Throughout the consultation process, my goal is to help you find the perfect art pieces that resonate with you and create a meaningful and visually appealing environment. Don't hesitate to start the conversation; I look forward to working with you to bring your artistic vision to life!

Step 1: Get in Touch

To start your art consultation, reach out to me through my Inquiry or preferred contact method. Share your interest in an art consultation and provide some basic information about your style, preferences, and the space you want to decorate with art.

Step 2: Discuss Your Vision

During our consultation, we'll have an in-depth discussion about your artistic vision and what you're looking to achieve with the art in your space. Feel free to share your favorite styles, colors, and any specific themes you want to incorporate.

Step 3: Personalized Art Recommendations

Based on our conversation and your preferences, I'll curate a personalized selection of artworks that align with your vision and complement your space. I'll provide you with detailed information about each piece, including the artist's background and the story behind the artwork.

Bonus Step: Virtual or In-Person Viewing (Optional)

Depending on your location and preference, we can arrange either a virtual or in-person viewing of the recommended artworks. If possible, seeing the art in your space or through virtual staging will give you a better idea of how it fits your aesthetic and enhances the ambiance.



Contact info:

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Just drop me a line to get the conversation started or if you prefer, we can have a quick call about the painting.


[email protected]